Zombie Murder

Zombie Murder 1.0

Zombie Murder - A brutal shooter with good graphics and special effects
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Falco Software, Inc.

Zombie Murder is an arcade shooter made by the guys from Falco Software, a company that is specialized in flash games and miscellaneous PC programs.
During its installation you are asked to install additional software which is not required by this game to function, but you can pass on that so it isn’t really such a drag. The first thing that you notice is the nice graphics and the metal rock music that go hand in hand with the theme of the game. As its name says, there isn’t really much to the game but zombies and violence.

The gameplay is as mindless as your opponents; there's nothing but hordes and hordes of countless zombies that are trying to get you. You control a big robot with two machine guns that sweep the endless number of zombies. You have three lives and you basically play in a continuous survivor mode. While advancing through the stages, you can also pick up various weapons, such as rockets, death rays, explosions, plasma, something called mirage.. and even extra life. As you progress through the game the stages get harder and harder, while new, stronger bosses come to get you.

The game is fun for a little while. But even with the new bosses it gets repetitive and boring. Therefore, the fun lasted for only about 5 minutes.

Jessie Hodgson
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  • good graphics
  • lots of weapons


  • repetitive and can get boring
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